Reasons Humorous and Inspiring People will always Dominate Twitter

News 12:04 April 2024:

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Add some humor to your bio, often post casual and humorous posts, and you could soon become a twitter king in your city. There is a reason twitter is a social network, and not an official news board. Most people here may appreciate it and give you multiple twitter likes when you break news to them, but more people will follow and engage with your content when you address them casually.

But if you can’t manage to make your followers smile every morning, look for content that could inspire them. Look for great quotes to start your followers’ mornings and you will soon begin to become a popular icon among your social panel. In fact, if you are a sales person trying to promote anything on twitter, avoid overt marketing. Instead try to build a relationship with twitter users by making them informed, inspired or entertained. Make them trust you, follow you and give you more twitter likes because of your inspiration, and then start marketing your product.