Having A Posting Schedule To Attract Free Likes.

News 12:04 April 2024:

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With a well developed editorial calendar, the social media page administrator focuses now on the posting schedule to ensure nothing is left out. You are likely to get a mass exodus of free likes if a topic of interest is not published or skipped on the set date. The initial posts are used to gauge the perfect timelines to post to get good traffic and top search engines based on the keywords used. Take a gamble with the first posts and post at different times and rate the engagement rate. There are those followers who may be disappointed at first with your experiments and opt to unfollow your page. Don’t get disappointed because they are all trials and has long term benefits with a guaranteed to increase free likes in future once a right schedule is reached.

To top search engines, consider frequently posting with specific keywords and in a way that will spam your followers. The chosen time should be realistic to help you get the desired traffic and consider sticking with it at all times despite the mixed attention you may get.