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Friday, December 13 2013

Anything interesting coming up for DiNozzo on NCIS? –Mel
Fielding your query, show boss Gary Glasberg says, “Tony has had a year of real change and growth so far. Ziva said goodbye. Bishop said hello. Tony’s friendship with McGee got stronger and his bond with Gibbs wasn’t weakened by change, it was reinforced. And now, for a special 250th episode, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (returning guest star Robert Wagner) will be back. And along with a riveting crime to solve, Tony will discover there’s a new mystery woman in his father’s life.”

NCIS‘ Michael Weatherly tweeted a while back that he was directing an episode this month. Do you have any spoilers/scoops about it? –Marla
As it would turn out, the operative words here are “a while back.” Says Gary Glasberg, “We were planning on that, but we decided to postpone it,” so that Weatherly and his wife could instead spend some quality time with their brand-new son Liam, born on Oct. 29. Weatherly’s next turn behind the camera is thus being rescheduled.

Great suggestions for NCIS: New Orleans actors. Tom Welling would be perfect as Agent LaSalle, and he needs to be back on TV. Is this a possibility? –Patricia
All I can confirm is that spin-off creator Gary Glasberg indeed saw my list of casting suggestions and, I quote, “enjoyed” it. So… I await my 10 percent?


One Response to “Matt’s Inside Line: Episode 250? Michael Weatherly Directing? NCIS: New Orleans?”
  1. Lorraine64 Says:

    Excuse me – Tony’s bond with Gibbs wasn’t weakened by change, it was reinforced – what bond with Gibbs? Am I watching a different series or is this something that has been left to our imagination for about the last three or four seasons and no one told me? I can honestly say that apart from a couple of great moments in this season’s Once A Crook, firstly where Gibbs said that if DiNozzo had wanted Anton in custody then he would be and later in the gents when he said he would trust him anytime I have seen no recent evidence that Gibbs and Tony have any bond at all, or indeed that Gibbs even has any respect for Tony, and whilst I loved Once A Crook based on the last few seasons there was actually no justification for Gibbs saying those words to Tony anyway. Sadly, over the years the terrific bond that used to exist between these two great characters has diminished, and by mid season 9 was virtually non existent. There are no indulgent smiles from Gibbs when Tony goes off on one and in this season’s Anonymous Was A Woman Gibbs gave Tony a head slap which was not only undeserved but looked positively concussion inducing; there hasn’t been a steak and beer moment since the season 7 episode Flesh & Blood; there are next to no scenes between Gibbs and Tony in Gibbs’ basement any more; in the last two seasons Tony has barely done anything to actually earn Gibbs respect, largely becoming the comic relief and until this season’s Under The Radar Tony hadn’t even fired a gun since episode 1 of Season 9 and in Season 11’s “Better Angels” Gibbs gave McGee point despite the fact that Tony is supposed to be Gibbs’ Senior Field Agent; Gibbs has ceased to call DiNozzo by his first name – the last proper time was again during Flesh & Blood – I note Gibbs did call him Tony in this week’s episode Devil’s Triad, but it was used in such a throw away manner that I almost missed it; we assume it was Gibbs who played the Halloween prank on DiNozzo – and unlike the pranks played on the rest of the team, it was the only physical prank and one which actually could have resulted in causing injury – Tony’s fall certainly looked painful and not in the least funny; Tony seems to have lost the ability to anticipate Gibbs’ needs and where once Tony would have stood up to Gibbs he now actually appears to be scared of him – this week when Bishop questioned Gibbs’ surveillance strategy, Tony and McGee looked like wimps as they cowered in the background. In fact, sadly from where I’m standing Gibbs appears to have a bond with pretty much everyone BUT DiNozzo! I’m holding out for an episode where Gibbs and Tony go undercover together, Tony saves Gibbs life (again) but is hurt in the process and Gibbs and Tony have to hole up together until the rest of the team find them, resulting in a proper heart to heart. Now that would be worth watching and really might reinforce their bond!

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