Jul 30,2012

Gail in LA: CBS is here, but where’s Ducky?

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LOS ANGELES • When last seen, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard of “NCIS” had collapsed on the beach with what seemed to be a major heart attack. With St. Louis fans wondering about his fate, I looked for David McCallum, who plays Ducky, at a CBS party Sunday night — but he was nowhere to be found.

So I tracked down Brian Dietzen, who’s a regular this season as Ducky’s sidekick, Jimmy Palmer, for some scoop. After softening Dietzen up by chatting about his recent visit to St. Louis for a movie premiere (he enjoyed the Loop and the Tivoli), I got him to tell me that “when the season opens, Jimmy is the medical examiner.” Don’t worry too much about Ducky, though; in May, McCallum signed a new two-year contract.


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