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Tuesday, March 20 2012

Question: Believe it or not, I only recently became addicted to NCIS. Better late than never, right? Got scoop for this late convert? —Joan
Don’t feel so bad. I’m only now getting around to Gunsmoke. True story. Moving on to NCIS, now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the show’s Florida wedding, we can reveal that it was Brian Dietzen clad in a blinding mint green-and-fuschia tuxedo — with ruffles, mind you — when Matt Mitovich visited the show’s set this month. “The wardrobe presents some… challenges,” Dietzen shared while in costume, prepping for a scene where Jimmy unveils the color scheme to the NCIS team. “We might have to go with a lighter zone of colors and what not.” And at the top of Dietzen’s personal “gift” registry? “My biggest hope is to have Larry Miller come back [as bride-to-be Breena’s father]…. He’s so fun to play with.”


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